Ocean Style TV Advertising

OCEAN Style Television, a visual extension of OCEAN Style Magazine, brings print to life – with the immersion of fashion and lifestyle illuminated by a Caribbean essence.

OCEAN Style TV takes an avant-garde approach to haute couture, luxury travel, fine dining, beauty, high art and entertainment- all seamlessly woven into the exquisite Caribbean lifestyle. Fuelled by engaging profiles of designers, artists, tastemakers, and celebrities, the 30-minute show is coupled with a worldly mix of travel adventures, runway showcases, fine living features, as well as up close and personal behind the scenes segments.

Viewers are drawn into OCEAN Style TV for its sleek and sophisticated approach to entertainment journalism. The shots are clean, rich and direct, powered by vibrant colors and coupled with crisp sound, inviting music and engaging use of graphics – all to illustrate the good life to be had in the Caribbean.

Targeting an influential, educated and upwardly mobile audience; the mission of OCEAN Style TV is to provide an insider’s view of the rich and diverse culture of a Caribbean that far exceeds a tourist’s imagination. Our viewers have an affinity for the islands, confidence in their future prosperity and simply-crave the best.

Through the vehicles of television, print, and web, OCEAN Style shows the world the rich, fabulous, and engaging life the Caribbean has to offer. Dive in to the good life with OCEAN Style Television…

Whether it’s NY Fashion Week, Caribbean Fashion Week or OCEAN Style’s very own fashion extravaganza, OCEAN Style TV is all-access. From front row to backstage, and all points between, OCEAN Style will bring exclusive one on one interviews with designers, models, trendsetters and tastemakers for a complete fashion package.

Whether it’s interviewing celebrities as they ‘let their hair down,’ or venturing to some of the more exclusive resorts offering the best in luxury, we take you on a journey around the Caribbean that is equal measures authentic and engaging.

OCEAN Style is on the scene at events such as Trinidad Carnival, St. Lucia Jazz & Blues Fest, Reggae Sumfest, St. Barths Film Festival and the Rolex Regatta.

Journey with us as a share hidden gems, historical sites and local hot spots – those with international fame and those off the beaten path. Of course a trip to the Caribbean is incomplete without experiencing the cuisine. We will spotlight the best culinary experiences from fine dining to authentic local dives, rum bars, jerk stops and roti shops.

Season One of OCEAN Style TV aired over 300 times to 86 million households.


43 Million HHs via DirecTV and Regional Cable Stations (including NY, LA, Miami and Texas)

Europe, UK & North Africa

40 Million HHs (Sky 206)

Caribbean (Cable)

3.0 Million HHs
21 Islands and South Florida – Caribvision 28 Islands – TEMPO
Jamaica – FLOW100

Caribbean (Broadcast/Free to Air)

400,000 HHs
Trinidad & Tobago – CNC3 Jamaica – CVM
Barbados – CBC
Grenada – GBN
Guyana – NCN
British Virgin Islands – JTV Bahamas – ZNS

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