It may seem too good to be true, but Merchant Rewards has paid millions of Reward Dollars to merchants that have been earning 1% rebates on their credit card sales.

This is your opportunity to earn hundreds or even thousands of Reward Dollars each month, with no limit, based on the amount of your total monthly credit card sales. And, it’s a simple process for your Merchant Services company to link your account to the Merchant Rewards platform, so that you can start earning Reward Dollars each month, automatically deposited to your Merchant Rewards account.

Then, spend your earned Reward Dollars just like cash to reduce corporate travel expenses, take a well deserved vacation, advertise to promote your business or print new brochures… You will find a brilliant array of products and services available for purchase with Reward Dollars via email or text notifications, at checkout on participating online stores, and in our online marketplace. And, Elite Members can get 
online personal assistance from our concierge service.

Merchant Rewards also empowers Merchants with additional benefits. Businesses that have unsold or excess inventory or excess capacity (ie. Hotels, Restaurants, Ski Resorts, Health Clubs, etc.) and ongoing or upcoming expenses will benefit from a Cash Equivalent Merchant Advance.

Cash Equivalent advances, an alternative form of financing provided by Merchant Rewards, advances businesses the full retail value of their future excess inventory or excess capacity. Merchants pay back their advance in their own product or service at full retail value. The advance gives merchants the ability to conserve cash and increase business without increasing expenditures.

Merchants can take advantage of Cash Equivalent advances to reduce their cash requirements in purchasing and capital expenses, as well as if desired, collaborate in a trade network of tens of thousands of businesses