Merchant Processors

Merchant Rewards for Merchant Processors

Reward Merchants for Accepting Credit Cards with the premier Rewards program for the Merchant Services Industry.

Enable the merchants in your portfolio to receive Merchant Reward Dollars for processing credit card transactions. With Merchant Rewards, businesses that accept credit cards are paid 1% in Reward Dollars for every Visa and MasterCard sale (1% up to $50,000 per month in processing & 1/2 of 1% thereafter).

Merchant Rewards provides Merchants with powerful advantages.

Merchants can spend Reward Dollars just like cash to reduce corporate travel expenses, take a well deserved vacation, advertise to promote their business or print new brochures… Merchants will find a brilliant array of products and services available for purchase with Reward Dollars via email notifications, at checkout on online stores, and in the online marketplace. Or, they can get online personal assistance from our concierge service.

Merchant Rewards also empowers Merchants with additional benefits.

Merchants can take advantage of up to $5 million in cash equivalent credit advances to reduce their cash requirements in purchasing and capital expenses, as well as if desired, collaborate in a trade network of tens of thousands of businesses.


Merchant Rewards is an established program with three years proof of concept. The first program of its kind that gives you an edge over the competition, Merchant Rewards rewards merchants for accepting credit cards.

Merchants earn Reward Dollar rebates each month based on their total Visa and MasterCard credit card processing. And, Reward Dollars have one dollar of purchasing power for the products, services, advertising, travel and entertainment merchants want.

Merchant Processors board their current and future merchants to the Merchant Rewards secure database. Only basic information is needed about the business, such as Business Name, Business Type, Contact Person, City, State, Email Address and Cell Phone number for digital reward updates and SMS messages, so that Merchant Rewards can track the deposits and spending of Reward Dollars, as well as send relative purchasing opportunities that will be of interest to each merchant.
The entire process is automated utilizing API’s to add merchants, deposit Reward Dollars to their account, change merchant information, query their reward dollar balances (for merchant processors that wish to provide reward earnings and balances on the merchant’s statement).

The integration is fast and simple… you can probably be up and running within a week.

Merchant processors earn a lucrative revenue share of membership fees for merchants that elect to upgrade to Preferred or Elite status to get additional benefits and higher Reward Dollar utilization.

Merchants processors will also earn a percentage of the value of inventories acquired from merchants that participate in cash equivalent cash advances of $300,000 to $5 million.


Merchant Rewards… Zero Cost. Incredible Benefits!

Contact us today to get the details…. Start rewarding your merchants and earn a new lucrative revenue stream from Merchant Rewards.